With it being an un-easy time for international travel, more and more people are opting for a British ‘staycation’. With that in mind, below is a list of seven great options for anyone looking for a break amongst our great isles. 

Norfolk Broads

The Broads are a network of rivers and lakes of which a whooping 120 miles are navigable. This can mean only one thing! Yes – you can hire a boat. While you can opt for a small day boat, if you really want to explore these waterways, you need something bigger which can be your home for a few days. Before you’re let loose on the waters your outfitter gives you a quick run down of how to pilot the vessel. It’s not long before you can be cruising at 4mph, enjoying a beer, surrounded by the regions beauty and wildlife. This is an ideal staycation for a family as well as a group of friends.

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Norfolk Broads


If you’re up for some outdoor adventure, than look no further than Snowdonia. Long established as outdoor enthusiast’s premier destination. The activites on offer are almost endless and as for the scenery, it truly is outstanding. Many will flock to Wales’s highest peak but there are many hikes where you can feel like you have the whole national park to yourself. Even after a week, you would be hard pressed to run out of activates here, and once you’ve exhausted your adrenaline supply, there’s the castles, quint beach towns, sand dunes, industrial history, scenic railways and cozy pubs.  

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snowdon ben heading towards grib goch

Outer Hebrides 

Immerse yourself in the beauty and remoteness of these islands. From mountains to white beaches with turquoise seas, these islands have plenty to offer those who are looking for a secluded getaway. A perfect balance of adventure and relaxation is how you can sum up a stay in the Outer Hebrides with having plenty of options from boat trips, hiking, and water sports. There’s lots of historical sites and museums as well as art studios and craft shops to complete your Gaelic staycation. 

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Outer Hebs

The North East 

This vast region of England has a lot going for it to make for an excellent staycation. Often the ‘North’ may conjure up images of coal mines and the industrial age, but there’s far more outstanding natural beauty here than you might imagine. This is the land where you can follow the footsteps of ancient romans along the remarkable Hadrian’s Wall. There are ancient castles defying the elements along the windswept coastline, charming old towns dotted among Northumberland National Park and of course there’s Durham’s remarkably well-preserved old town centre. Not to be missed is the re-energised city of Newcastle, with enough museums, events and night life to keep you entertained for days. No visit is complete without trying to snap a selfie with the iconic ‘Angle of the North’. With so much to offer perhaps a visit to this corner of England is well overdue.

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Angel of the North 2016 001

Isle of Man 

Not part of the United Kingdom but still within the British Isle, this self-governing Crown dependency is known for its rugged coastline, medieval castles, rural landscape, and mountainous centre. In fact, on a clear day if standing atop of Snaefell, the islands highest peak, you can see all four countries which make up the UK. There are a number of historic railway lines which are defiantly worth a visit, one of which will actually take you to the top of Snaefell. Walking around historic towns and taking in the sights is a worthwhile past time and be sure to grab yourself some smoked kippers or crab baps; yum. The Isle of Man is perhaps best known for its annual TT races, so if you’re a petrol head, June is a great time to visit.

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Train to the top of the Isle of Man

Isles of Scilly

Just 28 miles off the English coastline in the Celtic Sea, five inhabited islands are home to some wonderfully quaint English settlements. Many more uninhabited islands are left for nature and the local wildlife to shape as they please. Together, these form the picturesque archipelago of the Isles of Scilly, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which will leave any visitor astonished that they’ve not come across this gem of a destination before. A great place to go on a local ‘sea safari’ where you have a good chance of spotting Seals or try out some sea kayaking or wind surfing. On dry land there are many wonderful walks, a rich history to explore as well as many small local craft shops to ponder around (and try not to spend all your money).

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We all like a city break, right? Well, why not dedicate a few days (which won’t be enough) to really exploring the nation’s capital. Of course, you can do the iconic open top red bus tour, visit the Tower of London, wander around Hyde Park or go on a shopping spree down Oxford street, but there’s thousands of other options too. There’re food markets galore, world class museums, a thriving night life and historic pubs overload. Explore different neighbourhoods and soak up all that history as you walk through alleyways, over roman ruins and become part of the city’s 2,000 year old history.  

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Millennium Bridge in London (Unsplash)

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