There is something special about floating along the water, immersed in one’s surroundings with a feeling of near insignificance. Kayaking gives you a unique perspective, allowing you to get up-close to wildlife and places which may otherwise be beyond reach. Paddling can be both relaxing and invigorating making it an ideal activity to get into. So here is a list of some awesome places to go kayaking.

Swamps of New Orleans, USA

There’s more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras; This city is surrounded by a network of swamps home to a rich ecosystem and plenty of wildlife. Eerie, yet strangely beautiful, this is a unique experience, paddling calmly over the brackish water engulfed by the lush vegetation while keeping an eye out for the occasional lurking alligator.

Kayaking in the swamps of NOLA

Venice, Italy

Forget the overpriced gondolas and avoid the crowds; Kayaking in and around Venice is really an unforgettable and rewarding way of exploring this floating city. Gain a perspective few tourists will as you paddle through the canals admiring the architectural wonders of the city and its surrounding lagoons. No doubt you’ll leave agreeing Venice is amazing, but it’s even more amazing by kayak.

Kayaking in Venice

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is well known for its laid back, slow pace. This can of course be transferred to the water. The waters are warm, calm and crystal clear; ideal for a relaxing slow paddle along the mangroves as you watch the sun slowly set.

emma kayaking belize

Svalbard, Norway (Arctic)

Looking for a night-time paddle with a difference? The big difference being bright sunshine! Here in the summer months you can enjoy some night kayaking as the 24 hour sun rays beam down on you. Float between the vast snowcapped fjords, keeping an eye out for polar bears and whales as you soak up the surreal atmosphere of this remote wilderness.


The Isles of Scilly, England

You can be forgiven if you think you are on some tropical island, but with their pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters these isles 28 miles off of the Cornish coast make for a great spot to indulge in some sea kayaking. Small islands dotted all around you are ready to be explored, perhaps pack a picnic and treat yourself to a secluded lunch on one of the uninhabited islands, maybe with a sea lion as your only companion.

Kayaking in the Isle of Scilly

Okavango, Botswana

For nature and wildlife lovers there is perhaps no better wilderness experience than paddling along the Okavango Delta. With this being the largest inland Delta in the world the biodiversity cannot be overstated. I mean, how often can you be kayaking while in awe of a herd of elephants a few feet away?!

Kayaking on the Okavango

The Balkans

You’re massively spoilt for choice in the Balkans. Want warm crystal-clear waters, hundreds of islands and ancient fortified villages? Then head to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Fancy some white-water adventure, then head to the epic Tara River Canyon between Montenegro and Bosnia. Or what about a peaceful paddle in little known Matka Canyon in Macadonia where you might be the only one on the water. Or if you’re interested in relaxing on some calm lakes then laid back Lake Blad in Slovenia is the place for you. But if you really want to get off the beaten track then it’s got to be Shkodra in Albania. Maybe ‘Kayaking in the Balkans’ deserve its own dedicated post?

Tara River (8154953901)

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