After publishing the story ‘Extreme Pints of the UK’, which looked at the UK’s most geographically extreme pubs it didn’t go un-noticed that the home nation of Wales didn’t get a look in. It turns out that no pub in Wales can claim to be to be located at one of the UK’s most extreme points. But not wanting to ignore this integral part of the UK, here is a dedicated list of the most extreme pubs in Wales. Iechyd da! 

You can view all the pubs listed below on one map here.

Highest pub in Wales

The Sportsman’s Arms | 16th Century | 1,500 feet above sea level

At 1,500 ft overlooking the Denbigh moors in North Wales stands a solitary building withstanding the elements. This is the Sportsman’s Arms which lays claim to the highest pub in Wales. At time of writing opening times seem very limited so if you find your self walking the moors and in need of some shelter best check beforehand this pub is actully open.

Northernmost pub in Wales

The Stag Inn | N 53° 24′ 46.777″

It’s hard to miss the northernmost pub in Wales. On the island of Anglesea at one end of the high street in the fishing village of Cemaes is the Stag Inn; proudly displaying a plaque laying claim to this very fact. By all accounts this quintessential pub has a friendly atmosphere and serves some great pub grub so expect to be welcome and well feed should you every find yourself in this corner of Wales.

Southernmost pub in Wales

The Fontygary Inn | N  51° 23′ 12.364″

Status undetermined: The Gull and Leek | N 51° 22′ 40.662″

The southernmost pub in Wales is a little harder to pin-point. Some years ago, it was the Gull and Leek on Flat Holm island, a nature reserve in the middle of the Bristol Channel. More recently it’s been hard to confirm whether this pub is actully still open. In any case getting here requires a boat and a bit of planning. When it was operational it was open for limited and sporadic hours so perhaps it best to focus on Wales’ southernmost mainland pub. That honor goes to The Fontygary Inn in Rhoose. Serving food, hosting live music and with an onsite caravan park you can make a whole weekend of it.

Westernmost pub in Wales

The Farmers Arms | W 5° 16′ 2.963″

In the UK’s smallest city of St David’s, set within the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is where you will find the Farmers Arms. With many wonderful country walking trails and award winning beaches close by there’s a lot of other reason’s to visit the area, but quenching your thirst in the westernmost pub in Wales is a nice bonus.

Easternmost pub in Wales

The Boat Inn | 1789 | W2° 40′ 10.128″

The Wyn River which forms a natural boarder between England and Wales flows through the town of Chapstow, and this is where you’ll find the Boat Inn. Built in the 18th century it’s kept it’s charm; maintaining many of it’s original interior features. A great place to enjoy a summers pint overlooking the water and peering across to the other bank, and into another country.

Interestingly the second easternmost pub in Wales can be found only a few miles upriver and shares the same name; The Boat Inn. In terms of Longitude there’s really only a whisker in it, so be sure if you want a pint the easternmost pub in Wales make sure you visit the right one; or both.

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