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Consider these more as steep hikes, no technical skills needed just a bit of stamina.

slieve donnard maz crossing the wall landscape
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Don’t forget about Slieve Donard

While the three peak challenge makes for popular discussion amongst British hikers, often forgotten is that in fact there is a fourth peak. At 850 meters Slieve Donard marks the highest point of Northern Ireland, and although Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scarfell Pike get all the attention, we head over Irish Sea to acquaint ourselves with this often overlooked mountain.

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Reaching Rysy

Forming a natural border between the countries of Poland and Slovakia is the magnificent Tatra mountain range and Poland’s highest peak, Mt Rysy at 2,503 meters. The peak is right on the boundary of these two nations with hiking trails leading to its summit from either country.

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etna andy examinging a rock
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Explosive Etna

In the south of Europe, on the Island of Sicily stands one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Almost in a constant state of activity Mt Etna dominates much of the Island, its eruptions are so frequent they’re seldom consider breaking news… it’s just the norm. With that in mind I thought a visit might be a blast.

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snowdon (18)
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Scaleing Snowdon

Perhaps Great Britain’s most popular mountain to climb, Mount Snowdon stands at an elevation of 1,085 meters above sea level and provides an exhilarating as well as challenging climb, particularly for first timers. Located in the beautifully scenic Snowdonia National Park, there are a plethora of walking and climbing routes throughout the park.

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toubkal maz in the southern col
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Trekking Mt Toubkal

Morocco has a lot to offer a traveller, particularly if they’ve a head for heights. Jbel Toubkal, the highpoint of the Atlas Mountain Range, is one of the top destinations for many. More often than not ascents are undertaken with organised trekking companies and while this can be a good option for some, what if you want to go it alone?

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zugspitze look back down on the glacier
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Das Zugspitze

There’s a lot more to Bavaria than beer, bratwurst and the local population sporting their traditional lederhosen (for men) and dirndl (for women) dress. For history buffs there are castles, for skiers there are plenty of slopes and for hikers or climbers, well, you have the Zugspitze which, at 2,962 metres, marks Germany’s highest point.

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mt olympus maz and andy making slow porgress to up the mountain
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Hiking the heavens on Olympus

Mount Olympus, home to Zeus and the Olympians is truly a remarkable sight. Here anyone can immerse themselves in Greek mythology, the magnificent natural scenery and maybe even a cheeky sip of Ouzo while exploring the network of trails in what feels like the heavens.

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teide approaching teide
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Taming Teide

The Island of Tenerife attracts hordes of tourists looking for an inexpensive sunny getaway. The package holiday machine ensures that by day the sun is soaked in by the pool and by night the inexpensive nightlife is taken full advantage of. However for a hiker Tenerife can to be a true gem of a destination as the island is home to some of the most beautiful and natural scenery around, all available on a tidy budget.

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ben nevis single chap at the top
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The Ben Nevis Weekender

‘The Ben’ as it’s so often called, holds the title as Britain’s highest mountain. Whist this might be the sole reason many flock to its peak (1344m), the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands is reason enough to venture upon this stunning landscape. Close to the town of Fort William, the route starts not far of sea level meaning hikers ascend the full elevation on offer, no mean feat.

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mt sinai maz watching sun rise
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Sunrise over Sinai

Nestled within the southern part of the Sinai Peninsular, Mount Sinai offers an exhilarating climb which rewards you at the summit with some truly amazing views of the mountainous desert region of Egypt. Moses’ Mountain, as it’s called in Arabic, stands at 2,285 meters and is said to be the place where God passed to Moses The Ten Commandments.

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scafell pike maz looking down at west water
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Summiting Scafell Pike

England’s highest point at 978 metres may not seem too impressive on paper when compared to its parent peaks, but Scarfell Pike offers some truly wonderful hill walking experiences.

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