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backpackinit // Backpack+ing+it (verb)
Multi-stop journeys through a country or region lasting around two weeks

myanmar maz overlooking bagan
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Mesmerizing Myanmar

For almost half a century Myanmar remained largely closed of to the outside world thanks to a despotic military regime. But since 2011 things have started to change. The country that goes by two names is now opening up, finally giving visitors a chance to explore this magical land, filled with mystical architecture, breathtaking scenery and embrace relaxed atmosphere. This is my attempt to sum up our 11 day adventure…

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Guatemala to Mexico

Realistically I know I can’t explore all of Central America in one trip, although many do by devoting months of travel; I simply can’t afford that luxury. However, I’ve hatched a plan to give me my first taste of Central America by visiting Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Partly dictated by flight prices and partly by my assumption that the area I’ll be travelling though is relatively compact, I plan a two week backpack over Easter to see what Central America has to offer.

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balkan backpack sveti stefan
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Balkan backpack: Zadar to Curfu

The Balkans are still thought of by many travellers as Europe’s last wilderness. Others will think of Yugoslavia and more recently the wars and ethnic cleansing of the 1990’s. It’s true much darkness has befallen the region but it’s certainly not all doom and gloom as Marek Nusl found out on an intense two week trip crammed with as much as he could fit in.

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belgrade to budva heading into a tunnel
serbia to montenegro flag round icon 256

Belgrade to Budva: a mini Balkan taster

As with much of the Balkans both Serbia and Montenegro aren’t yet considered by everyone as a tourist destination. This would be my first taste of the Balkans, a short, cheap adventure which would ultimately take me to that nice beach break I’ve been wanting for some time; and hopefully challenge conceptions that the Balkans do not make for a great summer getaway .

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turkey to egypt flag round icon 256

Istanbul to sharm el sheikh

Backpackers have long travelled the classic overland route. With so many variations and detours the opportunities to explore this region are almost endless, but for me I’ve got 16 days off work to go on an intense adventure of a lifetime.

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