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Amazing long distance drives, generally in a cheap car

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The Mongol Rally – What happened next

We’d driven 10,000 miles to Mongolia. Now what? With the Mongolian government being very clear that we are not to abandon, sell or ‘lose’ our car we’ve two options. One, drive it back; two, get it shipped back to as close to home as possible, which turns out to be Lithuania. We opted for the latter.

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The Mongol Rally

For over a decade the Mongol Rally has attracted adventurous souls to make their way across one third of our Planet in a wholly unsuitable vehicle. After planning and even hoping for a number of years that I would be one of those souls, testing my determination on such a journey, it was not until the 10th anniversary of the rally that I would finally become part of this Mongol Rally fraternity.

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murmansk challenge the long road to the arctic
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Murmansk Challenge

Exploring our arctic regions can evoke assumptions of expense, precision preparation, and lengthy expeditions through snow-torn landscape utilising equipment reserved for the specialist. The reality is that Europe’s share of the Arctic Circle is quite accessible throughout the summer months.

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Plymouth Banjul Challenge

For years, taking part in something like the Paris – Dakar Rally was for the uber rich and well-funded, unfairly out of reach for the average person; but then came along the Plymouth Banjul Rally and changed everything. Bangers destined for the scrap yard are now given one last adventure. Paired up with new owners, man and machine bond over the 4000 mile road trip from the UK to the small West African nation of The Gambia

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