caminito del rey dan walking the path
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Walking the Caminito del Rey

If you’re after some organised fun then perhaps there is no better way to fuel your need to adventure than to book yourself onto the iconic Caminito Del Rey walkway in Southern Spain. Once dubbed, ‘ The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway’ following five deaths in the late 90’s, The Kings Pathway has been restored and now welcomes over 86,000 visitors a year.

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taskaltubo macca exploring
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Tskaltubo the abandoned spa town

For the past 40 years the spa town of Tskaltubo has been slipping into anonymity. The chances are that if you have caught wind of this town, you’re either an urban explorer or a mature Soviet patron, two different ends of the spectrums that aren’t often said in the same sentence.

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somaliland camels
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Summing up Somaliland

Long ostracized by the majority or the World, Somalia has been in a state of anarchy since the 1991 Civil War that killed between 350,000 and 1, 000,000 Somali’s. The War played host to one of the most famous US military failures, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and a power vacuum following the ousting of Siad Barre has created what many consider the World Most Dangerous State, but could this be about to change?

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pulpit the crowd at pulpit rock
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Weekend getaway to Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen (or Pulpit Rock) is one of the iconic images of Norway and it is no wonder why. A pleasant three hour hike accessible to any novices, rewards you with some of the most spectacular fjord views in the World. It makes for a great weekend getaway, a weekend Dan Nusl fully intends to enjoy.

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gothenburg river
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Going to Gothenburg

Somewhere along the line Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia lost out on the backpackers dream. Fortunately for them, low cost airlines have certainly opened a huge new pool of weekend city breaks and Gothenburg is no exception. Scooping a return ticket for a mere £20 from Stanstead, it makes for a great get away from it all and great to simply take in some peace and quiet.

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north korea soilder giving us a history lesson 2
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North Korea: the government approved tourist view

It is 9 am and I find myself standing on a platform in Asia. Surreal. I had never been anywhere near Asia yet somehow I found myself standing, waiting for a train in Dandong, China with what I hope was a return ticket to Pyongyang, North Korea.

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harbin ice festival walking around the harbin ice festival
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Shivering at the Harbin Ice Festival

Have you ever looked at an ice sculpture, acknowledge the craftsmanship that goes into it, yet failed to truly admire and be dazzled by it? The Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival is sure to change your perception. Dan Nusl visits this icy wonderland and quickly discovers a new perspective.

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belgrade to budva heading into a tunnel
serbia to montenegro flag round icon 256

Belgrade to Budva: a mini Balkan taster

As with much of the Balkans both Serbia and Montenegro aren’t yet considered by everyone as a tourist destination. This would be my first taste of the Balkans, a short, cheap adventure which would ultimately take me to that nice beach break I’ve been wanting for some time; and hopefully challenge conceptions that the Balkans do not make for a great summer getaway .

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